Meet Our Team

team-2-rickRick Johnson – Co-Owner
Ext. 4342

Rick has over 35 years in the glazing industry.  For the past 20 years his main focus has been on estimating and managing commercial projects that range from basic storefront entry systems to very complicated curtainwall systems. He has completed several design build projects which includes wineries, schools, and private residences in the Napa Valley. He has extensive knowledge of many different glazing applications and products which helps our clients find the right fit for their projects.  Spending 10 of the 35 years as a journeyman glazier and having extensive field knowledge, Rick is able to partner with his clients and help them to be proactive in addressing any field challenges.  All of these skills help our clients to have successful, on time, quality, and complete projects.  Since the start of R&S in 2004 we have completed over 400 commercial projects and our business has continued to grow. I believe that this is because we partner with our clients to procure whatever glazing products they need then have them installed on the job promptly, professionally, and within budget.

team-1-shannonShannon Johnson – Co-Owner-Director of Marketing
Ext. 4341

Shannon has been in the building and glazing industry for 26 years.  I am currently responsible for financial oversight of operations, marketing, and some staff management.  As an owner I have passed on my experience in plan take off, preparation of the submittals, creating a schedule of values, reviewing contract documents, and scheduling, to our team. I have also emphasized and modeled the importance of visiting jobsites to plot progress, addressing ASI’s, RFI’s, CPE’s, CFM’s and change orders to our project management team. From ordering to managing and supervising the installations I am constantly thinking ahead to make sure we get the job done right the first time. I will always go the extra mile to make sure that our portion of your job runs as smoothly as possible. I am a solution oriented thinker so that if and when a problem does occur we are quick to solve it.

team-3-ricciRicci Middling – Foreman Glazier (The Main Man),

Ricci has been working with glass for the past 33 years. He started working at his uncles’ glass shop at the age of 15. He continued to grow and learn a diverse number of glazing systems and other residential window replacement techniques for the next 16 years in local glass shops. In 1999 he joined the Local 718 Glaziers Union and worked up until he became part of the R&S Family in 2005. He has been an incredible addition to our team ever since. Ricci has an excellent reputation with our General contractors out in the field. He is able to meet the demands of tight schedules and communicate and solve any issues that arise in the field by partnering with the superintendents instead of becoming their adversary. His experience out in the field is priceless and a tremendous part of our success and excellent reputation.

Rob Ritter –Commercial Project Manager
EXT. 4348

Rob moved from Pennsylvania to come work with R&S in 2019.  He comes from over 40 years of construction experience including millwright to electrician to general contractor.  He owned and operated his own general contracting business for over 13 years before entering into the glazing industry. With all of his skills he is an amazing addition to our team.  He is detail oriented, organized and helps our contractors stay on track and on time.  He now is an integral part of the success of R&S.  He has shown excellent leadership skills and is currently managing some of our largest projects.  He partners well with both our clients and our staff and sets the standard of quality that R&S is known for.

team-5-martyMarty Sampson – Project Manager and Estimator
Ext. 4347

Marty has been working in most phases of the construction industry for 40 years, from Concrete to carpentry to Glazing. He has specific residential window and door repair/glazing and installation experience going back to 1995 where he held his own glazing license in good standing for more than 16 years. He currently focuses on high end residential projects using Fleetwood, Jeldwen, and Euroline Steel windows and doors. We were lucky to have him join our team in 2010.

team-6-ryanRyan Payne – Project Manager and Commercial Estimator
Ext. 4349

Ryan graduated from Sacramento State University.  A Napa native he spent 6 years working at a small glass company. The first 4+ years were spent as a glazier doing installation and repairs in the field. He became a part of the R&S family in January 2015 as a Project Manager and Commercial Estimator. He manages all aspects of a project from the initial review of plans and specs all the way to the completion and closeout. His time as a glazier has given him the knowledge and experience to meet the needs of any and all customers, from homeowners needing simple repairs to contractors in need of a commercial glazing project. Ryan’s attention to detail and customer centered focus further enable R&S to give their customers the experience they expect and deserve when doing business with us.

team-7-mikeMike Wisnoskie – Project Manager and Estimator
Ext. 4344

Mike has been in construction for 28 years.  He decided to join the Glaziers Union and joined our company in 2007.  In 2013 Mike chose to come aboard our project management team.  He is currently responsible for managing commercial projects as well as scheduling our crazy work load. Because of his field experience and his product knowledge he is able to find solutions and help our projects to flow and stay on time. Mike’s energy and enthusiasm is contagious and he adds another level of customer service to our family here at R&S.


Sheridan Gonsalves – Project Manager and Estimator
EXT 4351

Sheridan Gonsalves went into welding and fabrication out of high school.  This gave him a great education in math and layout, and he also learned the properties of different types of metals which is useful as most glazing systems have a metal component.  In 2006 his father hired him at his glass shop and his glazing career began.  Working as a glazier under his father’s supervision he learned the residential side of the trade, some light commercial, and eventually specialized in showers and mirrors.  With an eagerness to please and an excitement for the glazing industry he is a great partner to achieve success in your glazing projects

Erik Warford – Residential Project Manager and Estimator
EXT 4350

We welcomed, Erik, to the R&S team in 2023! With a background as a glazier, particularly with expertise in installing residential windows and glass repair made him an ideal candidate for the role of  residential estimator.

Erik’s hands-on experience in construction projects, especially working with his family, provides him with valuable insights into the intricacies of residential window and door installations. This practical background is a significant asset in accurately assessing project requirements and providing informed estimations.

His enthusiasm for the construction field and the challenge of determining customers’ needs align well with the responsibilities of a residential estimator. The ability to understand and address customer requirements is crucial in ensuring that the right products are chosen for each job, ultimately leading to customer satisfaction.

Erik’s eagerness to tackle window and door troubles indicates a proactive and problem-solving mindset, which is essential in a role that involves finding optimal solutions for clients. With his passion for the industry and commitment to meeting customer needs, Erik is well-prepared to contribute positively to the success of  your project and an awesome addition to the R&S team.


Administration Team


Tracy Henkel Senior Administrative Assistant
Ext. 4343

Tracy Henkel is a valuable addition to the R&S team with her background in construction administration and accounting. Her experience in these areas can contribute significantly to the success of the team, especially in the role of a contract administrator.

Tracy’s proficiency in construction administration and accounting suggests that she brings a solid understanding of project management, financial tracking, and regulatory compliance to the team. This is crucial for effective contract administration, ensuring that projects are well-managed and comply with financial and legal requirements.

Additionally, her skills in customer relations and team collaboration are noteworthy. These qualities are essential for maintaining positive relationships with clients and fostering a collaborative work environment within the team. Effective communication and teamwork are key factors in the success of any project, and Tracy’s abilities in these areas will enhance the overall performance of the R&S team.  

Irene Hegelein  Inside Sales/Office Admin Warranties
Ext. 4346

Meet Irene Hegelein, a valued member of our team who joined us in 2017 and now serves our clients with 20 years of extensive experience in the glass industry. 

Having previously worked at a glass manufacturer, Irene has gained valuable insights into the intricacies of glass technology. This expertise positions her as a key asset to our team, especially in providing informed solutions and recommendations to our clients. Her aptitude for organization and meticulous attention to detail ensure that every aspect of her work is executed with precision. With Irene’s new position as project management support for our commercial project,  she is challenged everyday to ensure that the details of the job are not overlooked.  She also ensures that materials for the projects are ordered correctly and confirmed as timely as possible.  This all helps to ensure that your project gets what it needs to get the job done on time. 

Irene is not only a skilled professional but also embodies a high level of professionalism and courtesy in her interactions. Her dedication to providing excellent customer service is evident in her willingness to go the extra mile for our customers. Whether assisting clients or collaborating with her fellow teammates, Irene consistently brings a positive and helpful attitude to the workplace.

Kim McDonald  Inside Sales/Office Admin Warranties
Ext. 4338

Introducing Kim McDonald, a dedicated and experienced professional whose journey in the industry seems to have been guided by divine intervention. With a background of 5 years at a glass company and an impressive 22 years at a local lumber yard, Kim brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our team.

Kim’s career path reflects her commitment to the field of glass and glazing, where she has honed her skills and deepened her understanding over the years. Beyond her technical proficiency, what truly sets Kim apart is her passion for people and service. She is a true people person, finding joy in serving others and making a positive impact on their experiences.

Currently, Kim plays a vital role in our organization, supporting the outside sales team and contributing to administration tasks. Her focus on ensuring order accuracy and asking the right questions showcases her dedication to getting the job done right the first time. This meticulous approach not only reflects her commitment to excellence but also highlights her role in enhancing customer satisfaction.

Kim’s love for learning about all things glass and glazing is a testament to her curiosity and adaptability. In an ever-evolving industry, this quality is invaluable. Her continuous pursuit of knowledge ensures that she stays abreast of the latest developments, offering our team and clients the benefit of her informed insights.

In summary, Kim MacDonald is not just an integral part of our team; she is a reliable force driving excellence and customer satisfaction. With her unique blend of technical expertise, people-centric approach, and unwavering commitment to getting it right, Kim is a key contributor to our success. We’re fortunate to have her on board, and we look forward to many more years of shared achievements.


Office Admin
Ext. 4345


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