Looking for a reliable Glazing Contractor?? R&S Glazing Specialties, Inc. has over 35 years of experience and has just celebrated 10 years of doing business in the Napa Valley.  With over 350 successfully completed projects we focus on school modernizations, winery projects, commercial new construction, security glazing, tenant improvements and high end residential new construction. We have a wealth of experience with meeting the requirements set forth in the storefront, window and glazing sections for these projects.  Our office staff is also experienced with the painstaking paperwork required, from submittals to certified payroll, to final closeouts, which is required for these projects as well.

We also help to get clarifications on issues that arrive due to the conflicting verbiage in some specifications, so that our customers don’t have to deal with those very costly oversights.  Our journeymen glaziers have handled extremely difficult jobs and are used to partnering with our customers to solve any of the many challenges that happen in construction.

All of the above is critical to keeping on schedule and maintaining a smooth running project.  You can contract with R & S with confidence.

R&S Glazing Specialties, Inc. also provides historic restoration services. Click here to learn more.